Monday, February 19, 2018

Forever Scraps- yarn and fabric

Back on New Years eve, I made a resolution and gave myself a time limit. No new yarn purchases. The challenge is to end on April 1. I find making several New Year's resolutions that end in a month's time or so, helps me to accomplish them! And also remember what they are...I mean who remembers 6 months in what they decided as a New Year's resolution?

To make this, I selected my colour palette,
pulled out my leftover fabric, paid close attention to value.

YARN: I reorganized the chest of drawers I have for my yarn, placing the thinner weights in the top drawer and the bulky and chunky yarns in the bottom drawer and the in-between weights in the middle.

I put together yarn bits of the same value and am making socks with those. They are so lovely. A little bit of everyone's socks in one pair!

I put aside all the half-knit projects; a sweater that had no sleeves, a sock that had no partner, a shawl too complicated to finish...and decided to make finishing them my goal.

I have been very good at doing that! (so proud). It isn't that hard after all!

FABRIC: I also decided to use up as much of my quilt fabric as possible. I just have lots of fabric and am tired of looking at the same colours and designs. Fabric, like fashion, gets dated. You have to use up your scraps and make room for the contemporary stuff- fun to buy and fun to use!

So I whipped this up.

finished size, approximately 30"x 40"

I posted it on my Instagram account, handle sandrareford if anyone wants to follow me there.

Fabric: batik, men's shirt fabric, recognizable K. Fasset,
quilters cotton from more than 10 years ago,
a cool new yellow...
I got so many "likes"!!

It is really pretty.

I am going to purchase the back fabric, a NEW fabric that's fun and exciting and helps motivate me to quilt it.

Make a goal and go for it!

Thursday, February 1, 2018


What do you think? It's an old one found in my studio as I tidied up.

magazine paper and hand dyed fabric

 It needs to be stitched.

Not doing much this week. I slipped on the ice and my back is making me immobile.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The New Year 2018

Where are you going?

What path will you choose?

photograph taken in Verona at Palazzo Forti

What changes will you make?

What things will stay the same?

Wishing you good decisions and happy adventures for the new year!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hot Days of Summer

Being inspired means keeping your senses in good working order! All 5 senses!

How about this amazing tea as an inspiration for a quilt? Why not?

Queen West Tea from Tealish
It has a great smell. It tastes amazing as an iced tea, which is what I have been drinking. It is so hot here in the south of Italy. It hit 39 degrees Celsius today!

Check out the amazing colour combination!

Blue, yellow, different shades of orange, dark brown (don't forget the tea leaves!)

You decide what shape to create, which block best tells your story.

When you use that quilt, you'll be remembering the time you made that tea, the hot days of the summer you spent in Italy.... or wherever you are.

Going back to the beach. Can't wait to get in the water and cool off!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day

Happy 150th Canada! What a great country!

I will be giving a few of these pins out to my Italian friends today.

I am in Italy right now so I won't really be celebrating like I would have been in Toronto.

Our beach without umbrellas

Our prime minister Justin Trudeau was in Italy recently and people here are still buzzing about him!

More coastline of the province Basilicata

They are so impressed with his ways, ideas, public speaking themes...

Our town from above

...and of course his looks!

Down the coast a little

There have been several articles in the Italian papers about our fine country with comments on our immigration policy. We are really such a good role model for the world.

(photos of the region by local resident, hobby photographer and friend, Domenico Vittorini. You can find him on Facebook)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Back in Verona

It feels good being back in Verona.

In the evenings, I am home and can do some quiet stitching.

I prepared the cloth and printed it before I left Canada and am now making marks on those fabric pieces with embroidery thread.

I noticed that because I travel often my art production has dropped off significantly. I definitely don't want to stop travelling so the only solution is to find a way to 'work' while I am away from my studio.

I do use this time to journal and collect ideas and I am still going to do that.

I love the way my life is going and don't want to change anything about it right now.

You yourself might like to consider travelling to Verona with me for my ten-day Italy Textile Trip. Next one is in Spring 2019. Click here for more details.

(the photos are old ones taken over the last years... I have had camera problems, iphone problems and internet problems)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sense of Touch

I went to the Ontario Craft's new location on Queen Street West, Toronto.

My Light Green Heart, Judy Martin
22.5"w x 29"h  /57cm x 74cm
To see the entire work click here.
(artist's post from February 17)
I apologize for these pictures. I took them with my cell phone and the colour isn't quite right!

I went to see Judy Martin's work that was exhibited in their gallery.

I entered the gallery and walked right by the work. I guess I was expecting My Light Green Heart to be much larger.

The warn linen looked so soft. You really did want to touch it and feel its softness and the folds and the texture of the layered hand-stitched circles.

Quoted from the gallery label:

Judy's work is grounded in the phenomenological idea that sense of touch is the most effective way to make an emotional connection with others and her surfaces are covered with hand stitching.

She used vintage Damask linen which she dyed.

I just received some antique italian linen which I printed on. The design of the weave shows through the printing and gives a lovely texture.